Cygnus 4
16 de junho de 2018
Cygnus 6+ PRO Multi-Mode Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
16 de junho de 2018

Cygnus 4+

Medidor de espessura multi-modo, o Cygnus 4 PLUS possui um display A-Scan, de simples utilização e com registro de dados sequenciais e controle de ganhos manual e automático.
Através de um teclado simples de usar, menus intuitivos e visor de LCD colorido, pode ser utilizado em quaisquer condições de luminosidade.
A tecnologia ainda conta com o recurso Multiple-Echo, que oferece medições simples e precisas, com o benefício adicional de Echo-Echo e Single-Echo, usando sondas de cristal gêmeas para corrosão extrema, Echo-Echo para medições em metais pintados, com corrosão pesada na parede traseira e, Eco Único para medições em superfícies não revestidas com face frontal e ou corrosão pesada de parede traseira e materiais atenuantes, como metais fundidos ou plásticos.

Características técnicas do Cygnus 4+

Características do Cygnus 4+

  • Multiple-Echo for reliable, accurate through coating measurements
  • Single-Echo and Echo-Echo measuring modes with twin crystal probes for extreme corrosion and back wall pitting
  • A-scan display
  • Manual and automatic gain control
  • MSI™ (Measurement Stability Indicator) used in Single-Echo and Echo-Echo measurement modes
  • Simple linear data logging
  • Large bright colour LCD screen with back light
  • Deep-coat mode, measure through coatings up to 20 mm thick
  • Wrist mountable
  • Min/max measurement limit functions with visual and vibrate alert
  • Intuitive easy to use menu
  • Extremely rugged enclosure – shock and impact to US MIL STD 810G
  • Environmental sealing to IP67 – US MIL STD 810G
  • Cygnus echo strength bars to assist quick measurements
  • Buttons integral with the TPE moulding and designed for minimum 100,000 depressions.

Data Logging Key Features:

  • Versatile data logging which allows measurements and A-scans to be saved
  • 5,000 measurement points (including A-scan) per record
  • Records are saved to a removable SD card
  • Selectable auto-log feature
  • Records easily transferred via gauge USB port to CygLink software where they can be exported to a .CSV file or a PDF report.

Cygnus Probes 

Stainless Steel INOX Single Crystal Probes
The INOX probes have an updated ergonomic design and an easier to read frequency, identification and serial numbering. All frequencies of INOX probes have a black face and a colour coding ring to identify probe frequency.
Used in Multiple-Echo mode, these probes require no zeroing, have a high linear accuracy, are ideal for general thickness gauging and on pipes and have replaceable wear membrane for long life.

Stainless Steel INOX Twin Crystal Probes
Used in Echo-Echo and Single-Echo modes and focussed ultrasound beam with improved measurability on extreme back wall corrosion and pitting.

Probe Options
For optimum performance of the ultrasonic thickness gauge it is essential to utilise the appropriate probe for the specific material being tested. Here below are the probe options available.

Single crystal probes:
6 mm – 5 MHz (S5A)
13 mm – 2.25 MHz (S2C (standard)), 3.5 MHz (S3C) or 5 MHz (S5C)
19 mm – 2.25 MHz (S2D)

Twin crystal probes:
5 mm – 7.5 MHz (T7A)
8 mm – 5 MHz (T5B (standard))
12 mm – 2 MHz (T2C (for attenuative materials such as cast metals, plastics and composites))

Cygnus Cables
Using standard industry connectors the probe lead uses a custom made over moulded cable that offers superior flexibility and resistance to oils and ultraviolet light. The cable will not stiffen after exposure to ultraviolet light.


Multi-Measuring Mode

Multiple-Echo uses three back wall echoes and measures remaining metal thickness while ignoring coatings. All measurements are error checked using 3 return echoes to give repeatable, reliable results. Accepted by all major classification societies. Uses single crystal probes for linear accuracy (and no probe zero required).

Echo-Echo uses two back wall echoes and measures remaining metal thickness while ignoring coatings up to 0.04″ (1 mm) thick using twin crystal probes for improved detection of back wall corrosion and pitting.

Single-Echo uses one back wall echo, measures remaining metal thickness on uncoated surfaces and is possibly helpful for areas with extreme front face or back wall corrosion and pitting. Effective on highly attenuative materials such as cast metals, plastics and composites.


MSI™ (Measurement Stability Indicator)

This clever technique helps ensure only stable measurements are displayed in Echo-Echo and Single-Echo modes. Displayed measurements change color from red to green and vibrate alert to indicate a stable reading.


Flexible Handling

Along with the wrist and neck straps supplied in the kit there is also an optional belt clip, offering a range of flexible handling solutions for all types of applications.


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