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Máscara oxigênio BIBS AVOX

The AVOX 803139-01-01 Pressur Vak II™ is designed to administer oxygen or gas mixtures to a diver or patient in a hyperbaric chamber environment. The demand regulator assembly provides breathing gas on demand (inhalation). The regulator is designed to operate with a constant inlet pressure of 65 to 125 psig over chamber pressure.

For chamber depths over 60 FSW, a secondary vacuum regulator must be installed. It is recommended to use a negative spring biased back pressure differential regulator, such as the Tescom Regulator 26-2912-282A. A hull-stop valve should be an integral part of the system as a safety device to shut down the vacuum should a pressure loss occur. The vacuum regulator allows the exhaled gases to be carried to the outside of the chamber thereby eliminating oxygen buildup or contamination of the chamber environment. The vacuum of the exhaled gas is a direct function of the differential pressure of the chamber and the ambient environment.

The AVOX 803139-01-01 Pressur Vak II™ comes complete with Medium-Short Face Seal with Standard Strap Assembly, Dual Demand and Exhaust Hose Assembly with Quick Disconnects, Demand Regulator Assembly and Exhaust Regulator Assembly.

Warning: The Pressur Vak II™ is designed for surface decompression in a recompression chamber and is not intended for underwater use. It may also be used for other applications which require overboard discharge of exhaled gas.

Características técnicas da mascara Bibs AVOX

– Pressão de trabalho do regulador da mascara de 4,5 Kgf/cm² até 8,7Kgf/cm² (65 to 125 PSI).
– Quick disconnect face seal allows easy cleaning
– Full head harness for added comfort during long administration
– Exhausts exhaled gases over board, permitting minimum ventilation of the chamber
– Demand Regulator permits constant flow operation

Características BIBS
Peso: 2,1Kg

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