Broco® Underwater Ultrathermic Eletrodos de Corte Caixa c/ 50
27 de junho de 2017
Broco® Underwater SofTouch® Eletrodes de Solda Aço e Inox
27 de junho de 2017

Broco® Underwater EasyTouch® Eletrodes de solda

– Quality electrodes for the economy market
For many non-structural repairs the resultant weld is allowed more leeway in terms of porosity, inclusions, integrity and appearance. To fill the void between to-code work and economy, Broco® applied its significant experience and knowledge to design a quality electrode specifically for the economy market. The result is EasyTouch® , a moderately priced electrode yielding excellent results. It is easy to light, easy to run (a controllable puddle with rippled bead appearance) and easy to clean. Like SofTouch®, EasyTouch® is a high deposition all-position electrode.

EasyTouch® offers users advantages over other economy priced rods that are more difficult to run, harder to clean, and often need to be grounded and rewelded – all adding to bottom time and increased operating costs.

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Underwater EasyTouch

Underwater EasyTouch

UW-EZ-1(2,3) EasyTouch® Economy Wet Welding Electrodes, 8 lb. tube
– 1/8″ 95 electrodes
– 5/32″ 69 electrodes
– 3/16″ 48 electrodes

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